​Russian Bortsch – vegan version

This soup was one of my favorites growing up. Traditionally it is made with meat but it was very easy to vegenaize, so I did not hesitate to try it out. The color came out stunning and the taste was reminding me of my previous favorite dish as a child! The special ingredient is the beetroot, which is full of vitamin B, iron, and potassium. Plus all the veggies make it a perfect source of fiber.  Continue reading

Creamy zucchini coriander soup – vegan

Green is the color of peace, rest, and universal love, this soup is full of it! It comes with a lot of health benefits supported by the magical power of coriander. Coriander is not only good for the skin, cholesterol level, and digestion, it also keeps the bones healthy and protects the eyes from conjunctivitis. So let’s start to create this little miracle!  Continue reading

Fenchel Süppchen

Das Herbstwetter ist da und mit ihm überkommt mich hin und wieder die Lust auf eine Suppe. Möglichst leicht sollte sie sein, trotzdem aber sättigend, da ich auf Brot größtenteils verzichte und sie somit solo verspeise. Da kam mir dieses Rezept wie gelegen! Continue reading