Easy pizza rolls which taste heavenly and need 5 ingredients only!  Weiterlesen „Pizza-Tofu-Rolls“

Tarte flambée

Everybody knows tofu is the only thing a vegan can get its protein from and we eat it all day long, every day.  Weiterlesen „Tarte flambée“

Pizza bread – simple and vegan

Ordering a good pizza can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes it comes too sloppy and sometimes it is totally burned and hard as a stone. Since this happened to me once or twice, plus I got tired of telling pizza deliveries what I do not want on my pizza ( everything besides tomato sauce and herbs!) I decided to create my own way of pizza bread which is as minimalistic and easy to make as possible. I hope you enjoy trying it out on a lazy or busy day.
Weiterlesen „Pizza bread – simple and vegan“