Oat-yogurt-cups – vegan

Affordable superfoods from your grocery store?  And I am sure you have been eating them all the time without knowing how healthy they actually are.  Continue reading

Oatmeal Gugelhupfs (vegan)

Who loves oatmeal? I am definitely raising my hand now. There is nothing better than a nourishing, sweet tasting oatmeal in the morning. Since I travel a lot, and I mean a lot, I needed a solution how to bring my oatmeal with me to the plane so I can have it anytime I like. Another plus: it helps me a lot to keep my routine if I can rely on my food.  Continue reading

Zucchini-Kakao-Brot vegan

Mein Bananenbrot liebe ich über alles , trotz dessen verspürte ich die Lust mal ein anderes süßen und nahrhaftes Brot auszuprobieren und so ergab sich das Zucchini-Kakao-Brot. Continue reading