Bananabread reloaded

I can not believe already two years have passed since I shared my first recipe on WordPress. If you have not seen it so far, go and check it out!!! (<——-click)

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Oat-yogurt-cups – vegan

Affordable superfoods from your grocery store?  And I am sure you have been eating them all the time without knowing how healthy they actually are.  Continue reading

Gingerbread cranberry muffins – vegan-refined sugar free

Christmas is here! All of us waited so long and finally I want to share a simple but yet a christmassy recipe for yummy gingerbread muffins. You do not need a lot of time or ingredients for them and you can always swap the one or the other ingredient if you do not have or like it. The most important thing for me was to make them as healthy as possible but still a little Christmas treat. Continue reading