Aufgebraucht im Dezember und Januar

Mit diesem Video sprenge ich meinen eigenen Rekord! Ganze 22 Minuten lang schwalle ich was das Zeug hält, aber nun ja, es ist auch eine Menge Produkte gewesen, welche ich in den letzten zwei Monaten gekillt habe. Und ich habe bei Weitem nicht alles aufgehoben.

Es würde mich freuen, wenn du die Zeit und die Lust findest dir dieses Video anzuschauen!

Crispy cauliflower salad

When I have been to Tel Aviv I got to try raw cauliflower-rice for the first time. And I have fallen in love with it straight! Raw cauliflower is low in fat, provides carbohydrates, dietary fibre and protein. It has a high content of vitamin C and moderate levels of several B vitamins and vitamin K. It is the perfect substitute for potatoes and rice, since it can provide a similar texture and mouth feel.  Continue reading

This was one of the best treats! – Vegan Pancakes

Winter is the perfect time of the year for sweet and nourishing dishes as pancakes. They are really easy to make and you do not need a bunch of ingredients. You can eat them both for breakfast, as a snack or a delicious treat. Continue reading

Pizza bread – simple and vegan

Ordering a good pizza can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes it comes too sloppy and sometimes it is totally burned and hard as a stone. Since this happened to me once or twice, plus I got tired of telling pizza deliveries what I do not want on my pizza ( everything besides tomato sauce and herbs!) I decided to create my own way of pizza bread which is as minimalistic and easy to make as possible. I hope you enjoy trying it out on a lazy or busy day.
Continue reading