What about B12?

No matter how many people you talk to, there will always be the misconceptions about vitamin b12. If it is only contained in animal products, how can you justify veganism? Don’t get me wrong, I do not have to justify veganism. You better justify to me the matter for artificially force living beings in to … Weiterlesen What about B12?

Oatmeal Gugelhupfs (vegan)

Who loves oatmeal? I am definitely raising my hand now. There is nothing better than a nourishing, sweet tasting oatmeal in the morning. Since I travel a lot, and I mean a lot, I needed a solution how to bring my oatmeal with me to the plane so I can have it anytime I like. Another plus: it helps me a lot to keep my routine if I can rely on my food.  Weiterlesen „Oatmeal Gugelhupfs (vegan)“