Travel Diary: When in L.A.

Most people might believe L.A. is a concrete jungle. And this is kind of true.

But it is also way more than that! Let me show you my impressions of my last two weekend trips to Los Angeles.

First of all food!

I love to get fresh fruits and juice at the grocery store, so of course, I had to go to Trader Joe’s and Target for some ‘healthy’ American food. But while on tour I had the opportunity to try really good dishes at different places such as The Poke Shack at Melrose Avenue, Bodhi Tree Cafe at Huntington Beach and the Urth Caffé at Laguna Beach, which had the best vegan pizza and matcha latte I had in years!!!


What to do:

Los Angeles is full of adventures, but it is also a huge city with a really bad public transportation system, so I would definitely recommend renting a car.

I spent my first Sunday with a part of my crew at Melrose Avenue, which is amazing if you want to take a lot of pictures since it is full of this famous colourful walls. They also have a lot of flee markets on Sundays where you can find a lot unique handmade items and jewellery.

The second Sunday I went on a hike at the Runyon Canyon Park, which is located close to Hollywood. It turned out way smaller than expected but it was still a lot of fun since you have to climb some parts to get to the viewpoints and the view is simply stunning!!! The only negative thing about the park was the few parking spots and they give you a ticket pretty quick if you park on the side of the road. So it took us about 30 minutes to wait for a free legal place to park the car.

When in L.A. you just have to go to the beach to watch the sunset. If you are into surfing and really chilled out people and atmosphere, try Huntington Beach.

If you are into nature and luxury housing you have to go to Laguna Beach.

Both were beautiful and unique but very diverse.

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Whatever you decide to do, Los Angeles might leave an impression you will never forget. As much as the flight is killing me every time, as soon as my feet hit the ground in California I immediately forget about the pain and fatigue and feel as life has never been better.

Let me know if you have ever been to California, Los Angeles or any other place which made you feel alive to the fullest. And do not forget to subscribe and visit my Instagram for more pictures and daily Instastory.

❤ Elena



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