Make your own coconut yoghurt out of 2 ingredients only! Vegan, sugar-free and without any preservatives!

Coconut yoghurt is really hard to find in Germany, so I was amazed when I stumbled across this recipe which only requires two ingredients. And both of them were in my kitchen cupboard.

All you need for 2 portions are:

  • 1 can (400ml) of coconut milk / cream (at least 60% coconut)
  • 1ts (4 capsules) probiotics


Refridge the coconut milk for a couple of hours. Then open it and remove the solid coconut cream, this is what we are going to use for the yoghurt. You can use the left liquid/water for smoothies or instead of water in cake mixes. Pour the cream into a bowl and whisk well until you get an even consistency. Now add the probiotics powder and mix again with a spoon. You will need probiotics with at least 30 billion cultures, better 50 billion. It is also important they do not contain any pre-biotics.

Fill into clean glasses and cover with a thin kitchen cloth. Fasten with rubber bands. Store in a cool and dry place for the next 24-48 hours then check the consistency.

You should have a rich and creamy yoghurt by now with a slightly sour taste.

You can eat it plain, or with berries, jams, or any sweetener of your taste.

Or use it to top this amazing french-toast, click on the link to get to the recipe!





<—– vegan French-Toast


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