Travel Diary – Hong Kong (3)

Hong Kong is full of contrasts. On the one hand, you have beautiful nature, on the other, the big city life with rushing people and traffic.

It is my third time in a row and I was really lucky to have a colleague with similar interests on my flight, so we went on a very nice trip. If you have not read part 1 and part 2, please make sure to click here! (<–click, click, click!!!)

First of all Food!!!

Of course, I had to go to my favourite dumpling place the “Happy Veggies” the day I arrived. I was looking at the soy milk soup for a long time in the menu but never had the courage to order it, since it seemed a little strange to me. But today was the day I wanted to try it. It came in a large pot with all kind of mushrooms and dumplings and was not as bad as expected. But still not comparable to their regular dumplings.


Before returning to the hotel I shopped my fruits and coconut water, as usual, at the “Wellcome” supermarket at Causeway Bay.

The next morning, after my fruits, of course, I had a matcha muffin and an iced matcha latte at “Pacific Coffee” and I also grabbed a sandwich to go from “Grove”. They have one with vegan chicken and a vegan dressing, which is usually sold out, but they can prepare it fresh for you in 2 minutes.

Since we were still in the Central area after our trip, we decided to have dinner at “Veggie SF”, an American style Burger place, I was recommended by my Hong Kong follower on Instagram. I ordered the Drama Queen with extra vegan cheese and avocado, as well as a juice called “True Blood” with beetroot, carrot and apple. It was not the cheapest meal I had, but really delicious and the staff was super friendly!

Before my departure, once again, I had dinner at “Loving Hut”, my favourite place in Hong Kong. As usual, I have chosen the dinner special for 50 HKD and this time I decided to try the chocolate pudding, which was not too good, to be honest.

What I did:

Arrival day procedure is always the same: food, shopping for masks at “Bonjour”, then supermarket and then the well-deserved rest.

On my second day, a colleague and I went to the “Big Buddha” also known as “Tian Tan Buddha” on Lantau Island. Only the way to get there was worth every minute! You can go by bus or cable car, we have chosen the cable car for the way there and the bus for the return. A single trip on the cable car costs 160 HKD but the view over the mountains, the shore and the water is fantastic. We went on a weekday and there was no line and we had the cable car cabin for ourselves, what made it even better.

To get to the Big Buddha you have to walk a lot of steps but height and extent of this monument are breathtaking! We also visited the Po Lin Monastery which is in the same area and made a couple of wishes. The bus ride back was way cheaper but also really crowded with locals and tourists. All in all, I can only recommend this trip for singles, couples and families!



These happy creatures are considered holy and no one is trying to eat them.

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