Travel Diary – Hong Kong (2)

Hong Kong is not China, this is what every local is going to tell you. And I am in love!

Again I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful days in Hong Kong. If you have not read my Hong Kong diary part 1 then click here (<— click, click, click!!!)

First of all Food!!!

After I made it to my room it was really hard to leave again, but since I knew the delicious dumplings at “Happy Veggies” are waiting for me, I was out and about in 1 hour. I had the veggie dumplings, as well as the spicy laksa soup with potato dumplings.

Of course, I got a lot of fruit and coconut water at the “Wellcome” supermarket for my breakfast the next day. For me the most comfortable way to have breakfast!


Wellcome supermarket at Causeway Bay

For my second breakfast, I was craving an açai bowl and a blog recommended the “Genie Juicery” and there my journey starts! It took me about 11/2 hours to find “Genie Juicery” at the IFC mall just to find out this store does not have any bowls but the one in Central does. So I grabbed a juice and made my way to central, what took me another 11/2 hours since Google Maps decided to direct me in circles. After finally arriving there I was really disappointed when the gentleman working behind the counter told me he does not offer any bowls in this store. Thank the universe I was really close to “HOME – eat to live”, so I decided to have lunch there and had a delicious Mexican burrito and a cooled kombucha.

One of my followers on Instagram recommended a place called “green common” and it was on my way, so dinner was set. I had to wait for a little to get a table, it was Friday night, but the menu got me speechless. I chose the classic Chinese dish, a spicy noodle soup with marinated pork and a fresh juice. It was so good and not too expensive for a trendy place.


Before going back to the hotel I got a falafel roll at Ebeneezer’s, my typical midnight snack. I replaced the sauce by hummus and voila, it was vegan!


Last day dinner is always reserved for my happy place “Loving Hut”, the first vegan place I have found in Hong Kong, and 4 years later I am still staying loyal. I had the dinner combo with rice, soup, veggies and a little seitan, plus I got dumplings, a sandwich and sticky rice for my flight home.


Luen Tai Building, 號 聯 泰 大廈 2 樓, 93-99 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, Hongkong

What I did:

The day I arrived I was too tired, so the only thing I did after having dinner was shopping for face and foot masks (to restore my beauty after the flight haha), as well as breakfast and then I, went to bed to get my well-deserved rest.

Since my breakfast journey took me way longer than expected it was already 4 pm after I ate and I decided to go to Nan Lian Garden which is open until 7 pm and also includes the Chi Lin Monastery, which unfortunately was already closed when I arrived. The easiest way to travel around Hong Kong is the MTR (underground train), and if you use it a lot it is worth to get an Octopus Card, which can be used to pay almost everywhere (MTR, restaurants and even different shops).

The garden was beautiful and I had the opportunity to take stunning pictures before the sunset. As always I tried to walk as much as possible since this is my favourite way to explore a city.


Outfit tip for Hong Kong: Wear sleeves, since the air-conditioning is freezing everywhere!


Of course, I had to work out at night again. I simply love this hotel gym!


The best overnight mask I had so far! Leaves the skin super moisturised.

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