Travel Diary – Hong Kong (1)

When it comes to my job, one of the first questions people ask me is: “What is your favorite city?”

The answer is really easy for me, it is Hong Kong, from the first time I have spent my layover there.

So let me take you on my last trip to Hong Kong!

First of all Food!!!!

The evening I arrived, I was pretty tired after the long 12 hours night flight, so I decided to hit a place I already know which is also really close to the hotel I stayed in.

“Happy Veggies” serves vegan and vegetarian food which only includes eggs and is clearly marked. The menu is in Chinese and English and also with pictures what is great if you are not too familiar with Chinese cuisine. The staff working there is mostly deaf-dumb what makes everything really easy since there is no misspelling or misunderstanding if you show the meal on the menu. It is located on Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai, Hennessy Road 99.


I always get fresh cutted fruits and fresh juices from the local supermarket “Wellcome”. You can find the largest assortment in the superstore on 25-29 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, which is also open 24 hours.

After killing my fruits and juice the next morning I decided to go for an açai bowl and tried the place “Home – eat to live” which is located on Des Voeux Rd Central, Nexxus Building, Shop G01-101. I also ordered the nutritious shake which turned out really tasty. This place was beautiful, even though a little pricey.

Since I spent the day on mainland Hong Kong I searched for a nice vegan place around and found “Thai Vegetarian Food” which is supposed to be vegan according to the “Happy Cow” app. You can find it on 28 Nam Kok Rd in Kowloon City and it opens by 6 pm for dinner. The food was good, but not overtopping and I think they ripped me off since the check was in Thai and I paid almost 250 HKG for a salad, main course, and dessert with soda, what is a lot for a small Thai street food place.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped by “Ebeneezer’s Kebabs & Pizzaria”, Shop 4, 89 Lockhart Road in Wan Chai, to get a Falafel Wrap without sauce but with hummus (it is vegan then), since the time difference always makes me hungry at night.

The evening before my departure I had to visit my all time favorite spot: “Loving Hut”, 93-99 Wan Chai Rd in Wan Chai. It is located on the second floor, so watch out for the sing on the street so you do not miss it. It offers a large variety of fake meats, noodle dishes, and desserts, all vegan, really low in price and so delicious I am always coming back! I also got my catering for the flight back there (since I really have no preference for airplane food).

What I did:

I have been to Hong Kong a lot of times but I have not seen everything at all! There is still so much left to discover.

The time difference makes is quite hard to wake up early, but I managed to leave my room by afternoon to get to the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple’s which claim to ‘make every wish come true upon request’. It is located in Kowloon and I got there by using the MTR, what is a cheap and fast way to move around Hong Kong City.

The atmosphere there was amazing and of course, I made a couple of wishes for myself and my loved ones.

Since I really love walking, I took the opportunity to walk the way back to the harbour and arrived there right on time for the light show, which starts daily at 8 pm and lasts 15 minutes. I took the ferry to get back to Hong Kong Island, what a beautiful ride at night!



Of course, I had to work out at night.


I got myself a new cover for my phone, which already included a matching iRing.


This cat lives in a Chinese medicine store.


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